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Wednesday 19 June 2024


Lac de la Pluie

“ This is where the real marvel begins ”

Lac de la Pluie

After an extraordinary boat journey along the Rivière Plane, the vault rises, the walls move further apart, and the Lac de la Pluie appears… This area of constant seepage is an unbelievable, unique vision. The ceiling is thinner and more fissured, so it lets in raindrops from ground level that constantly replenish this underground lake.

The raindrops carry dissolved limestone, which they deposit in the form of stalactites that, over the centuries, have come to form spectacular decorations.

Just above, the Grande Pendeloque (Great Chandelier), a 60-m-long series of calcite formations, hangs in mid-air, as though it were the set piece for an unusual theatre.


“ We shall truly be going into the depths of the earth.
This is the exact moment at which our journey starts. ”
Jules Verne, “ Journey to the Centre of the Earth ”